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Tips for Buying a Home in a Competitive Market

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In most areas real estate is currently experiencing a boom, and Squamish is no different. With prices soaring in Vancouver, many are looking further afield to find property, which in turn is creating competitive markets across the province. Just north of Squamish, Whistler is also experiencing record prices, and has further contributed to the limited inventory in Squamish. This means that buyers ...Read More

By: CBC News · Posted: Feb 15, 2018 10:21 AM ET

CBC NEWS - Canadian home sales, listings slump in January with arrival of new mortgage rules


CREA says monthly home sales through the MLS system declined by 14.5% in January CBC News · Posted: Feb 15, 2018 10:21 AM ET | Last Updated: February 15   The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) said home sales through the MLS system declined by 14.5 per cent from December 2017 to last month. (Robson Fletcher/CBC) Canadian home sales dropped sharply in Janu...Read More

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Kitchener’s east end getting a high new view

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A multi-million dollar development with close to 500 one and two bedroom units scheduled for an entire block in downtown Kitchener’s east end will bring an updated high rise look to the traditional low rise buildings that have been in that corridor for years. Drewlo Holdings is planning to spend $80 million on a development in what is now a vacant lot in the block that surrounds Ch...Read More

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Is Kitchener, a good city to move to?

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The Golden Triangle as it’s known, that is Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and Guelph is a prosperous well to do area, like Toronto without all the negatives that come with living in a big city. The positives are a lower cost of living, excellent employment and as mentioned all the positives of living in a big city with few of the negatives. To answer your question yes Kitchener, is a great ci...Read More

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What renters need to know about Ontario’s new tenancy lease agreements

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Ontarians fed up with battling their landlord over contentious terms they didn’t realize were hidden in the fine print of their lease will soon be getting some reprieve. On April 30, it will become mandatory for most residential landlords to use a 13-page standardized lease agreement, recently unveiled by the provincial government in hopes of protecting tenants from being tricked by lengthy...Read More

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What to Expect From A Buyer’s Agent

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Is it better to get a 15-year mortgage and build equity or get a 30-year mortgage

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The textbook answer to this is to get the 30 year and invest the rest. However, this doesn’t account for your risk tolerance or other goals. Not to mention the discipline it takes to do this. If you are comfortable with the fact that you could lose some of the amount that you invest, then investing is not a bad option. However, if you are one to watch your account balances closely and view ...Read More

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How to find a GREAT Real Estate Agent

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A GREAT real estate agent can make all the difference to you.   Learning how to find a good real estate agent is critical.   Realize that a good agent is your best friend when it comes to helping you find what you are looking in the real estate market, whether you are an owner occupant, or an investor. Whether you are buying, selling, or both, the agent will do all the heavy liftin...Read More

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Too few houses for sale in Waterloo region spark bidding wars, says realtors group

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Below is a good Article I saw from CBC News, David Donnelly, It is a very good read....... Bidding wars are breaking out because the number of homes going on the market in Waterloo region is at "historic low levels," local realtors say. ·              September housing market a 'saner playing field,' K-...Read More

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KW-area real estate prices finish 2017 up 20%

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The red-hot real estate market of spring 2017 may be starting to seem like a distant memory – but its impact on local house prices is still being felt. New data from the Kitchener-Waterloo Association of Realtors shows that the average house sale price in the area rose by 20 per cent year-over-year, going from $387,291 to $467,513. It was the first time the average sale price topped $400,000...Read More